Donkey Cutts – The SEO Game

Donkey Cutts – The SEO Game(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A retro game, which took just five days to develop, has taken the global online marketing and gaming world by storm.

Developed by, Donkey Cutts is an homage to Donkey Kong with Google’s head of SEO Matt Cutts taking the lead role.

The video game works like Donkey Kong where your ultimate goal is to reach the top of the ladder.

To score points you need to be SEO savvy for instance, by getting links and shares, by getting social signals, by jumping over a panda or penguin and being white hat.

Your points go down if you get hit by a penguin or panda or you’re involved in black hats.

You can win points for ‘awesome content’ and penalties can be fixed with the trusty SEO hammer, a bit like the hammer in Donkey Kong.

Steve Barnes from said: “Running a website these days sometimes feels like a bit of a game which is full of different challenges – a bit like our game Donkey Cutts.

“You have to try and combat baddies like negative SEO and black hats and you have to create great content and collect white hat links as your reward. All this whilst doing your best to avoid the next penguin and panda that’s coming your way. Sounds familiar?

“We decided to turn all this into a retro game making Google’s Matt Cutts the star of the show. The response from the gaming and SEO world has been incredible. The game went viral within hours of us putting it on our blog and people are loving playing it.”

“It sometimes feels like a constant battle keeping up to date with what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to SEO.

“It can be hard to know what to do for the best, there’s uncertainty as to what is classed as white hat and whether dodgy black hat links pointing at you are damaging, or simply not being counted. With all this in mind you’re naturally anxious about when the penguin and panda algorithms are coming.

“We are a creative company and instead of being stifled by what we should be doing to rectify bad advice, we’ve put our creativity to good use and developed a game we know people are enjoying.”

To play Donkey Cutts, click here.