Don’t Let Your Social Media Pages Become Stale

mac11(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – There are many benefits to maintaining a stable and consistent presence on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. In terms of brand development, customer engagement, and content sharing, it is one of the best ways to promote your small business. The key terms in that previous sentence is “stable and consistent,” because for as many benefits that your social presence can offer, there can definitely be negative effects to letting that presence go stale.

How does a page become stale?

Take a look at the social media pages of a number of your competitors, or small businesses in your local area. You might find a handful of them have not updated for a long time, or have never properly completed their profile in the first place. This can occur for a number of reasons. A business might just not have a content strategy developed at the time they started the account and ran out of ideas, or they didn’t see immediate success so they decided to stop investing the time. No matter what the cause, sometimes having a stagnant page could be worse than not having one at all.

Image of the Brand

Perhaps the largest issue with not keeping an up-to-date social media presence is the damage it can do to your brand’s image. When customers are interested in your business, it is likely that they will search for you online. Even if they aren’t searching for your business name directly on Facebook, for example, your company’s Facebook page can still appear in Google search results. If a current or potential customer visits a social media page for your business and discovers that it hasn’t been updated in several months, or even years, it reflects poorly on your business’s professionalism.

Lack of Engagement

Going off of the last issue, what happens if your customers are actively trying to engage you on social media? If you have deserted your pages, that means anyone who has sent you a tweet, posted a question, or has tried to get in touch with you through these channels has been left hanging. This creates a sour experience for your customers, and makes you look unprofessional once again.

In the end, it comes down to a basic rule: Don’t start a social media page if you are not going to be social. If you are worried about the time investment involved, just tip your toes in the water with the one network most important to your audience.

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