Dot VN Exceeds 150K Vietnamese IDN’s

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Dot VN, Inc., an Internet and Telecommunications Company and the exclusive online global domain name registrar for the Country of Vietnam (“the Company” or “Dot VN”), announced today that since it’s official launch of the Vietnamese Native Language Internationalized Domain Names (“Vietnamese IDN”) on April 28, 2011, registrations have exceeded 150,000 domain names.

Each Vietnamese IDN registered will be bundled with a free Dot VN web editor account which allows registrants to instantly create a website by uploading up to 5 MB of their own content and images. The web editor is set to launch by the end of the month and the Company plans to upgrade the service in the near term with news feeds from INFO.VN, communication tools, integration with a forthcoming classified ad service and other applications still in development. Additionally, Dot VN plans to monetize each web editor designed domain page with online advertising and banner ads.

“As the master registrar of the Vietnamese IDNs, our goal with the IDN program is to offer registrants everything they need to get started using the internet immediately,” said Dot VN President Lee Johnson.

“Based on our current growth, it is possible that we may surpass the total number of standard “.vn” registrations in the coming weeks thereby effectively doubling the size of the Vietnamese Internet. In order to continue this trend, Dot VN will redouble its efforts to provide the very best services and applications to each and every customer of the Vietnamese native language internet.”