DotNetNuke Enhances Analytics Support

(Ping! Zine) – DotNetNuke announced on Wednesday the release of DotNetNuke 5.6. Version 5.6 of the DotNetNuke Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition includes the new DotNetNuke Site Search feature, which enables more effective web site content search, and Enhanced Analytics Support, which provides greater performance and control over the monitoring of web site traffic. It also includes significant enhancements to the Content Approval Workflows feature, which extends the ability of organizations to control changes to their web site content. In addition, a new perpetual license option is now available for the DotNetNuke Web CMS in addition to the existing annual subscription license.

Co-Founder and CTO, Shaun Walker said, “DotNetNuke Corp. is committed to delivering the features and functionality that our customers need for effective content management. The new DotNetNuke Professional and Enterprise Editions 5.6 meet the demands from our customers for powerful new site search and improved analytics support and content approval workflows. The evolutionary changes we’ve made to the product this year have spurred over 300% annual revenue growth as we’ve grown to nearly 1,000 subscription customers in 2010.”

Enhanced Features:

•Site Search: Exclusive to the Professional and Enterprise Editions, the new Site Search engine allows site users to quickly locate files and pages in the site. The search engine includes rich query syntax with support for Boolean searches, phrase searches, relevance searches, wild cards, fuzzy searches, and groupings. Based on Lucene, the system includes a true web spider that is capable of indexing any site, whether it is built on DotNetNuke or not.

•Enhanced Analytics Support: The DotNetNuke Professional and Enterprise Editions include Enhanced Analytics Support, which allows users to take full advantage of Google Analytics. The system has been upgraded to the latest integration best practices from Google and now enables tracking of sub-domains as a single entity as well as the use of up to five segmentation rules per page.

Content Approval Workflow Enhancements: The Professional and Enterprise Editions now allow managers to configure approvals in a top-down hierarchy at the site, page, and module level. In addition, content locking improves efficiency and reduces the chance of workflow conflicts. Approvals ensure that users throughout the organization that are impacted by a content change can review updates before they are published. The business rules engine enables workflows with an unlimited number of states and reviewers.

•Perpetual License Option: DotNetNuke Corp. now offers a perpetual license option for existing Professional and Enterprise Editions subscription customers. Current DotNetNuke Corp. subscription customers may purchase a perpetual license to use the DotNetNuke Professional or Enterprise Edition version they are running on their production servers. The perpetual licensing provides the right to use the commercial editions of the DotNetNuke software indefinitely. It must be used in conjunction with a valid product subscription in order to get access to the additional subscription license features such as unlimited technical support, the DotNetNuke Support Network online Knowledge Base and product documentation, email alerts for product updates and patches, or product copyright indemnification.

•The DotNetNuke Community Edition 5.6 includes new features such as:

-An enhanced indexing capability which allows the standard core search feature to index page names, tag attributes and other metadata for improved search results

– Optimizations to the database architecture and handling of web analytics tracking codes which will result in faster performance for all Editions of the product

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