Downed Power Line Causes Problems for GigeNET Data Center

Downed Power Line Causes Power Surge at GigeNET Data Center(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A power surge recently occurred at a data center for hosting provider GigeNET, resulting in downtime for the web host’s customers.

Specifically affected was the company’s Arlington Heights, Illinois facility. Occurring at 3:24PM CST, smoke was present as the fire department rushed to assist.

In a post on Facebook, the web host emphasized that no fire had occurred and all servers remained intact. Ultimately the power surge was the result of a downed power line.

Upon arriving, the fire department instructed GigeNet to perform an emergency power off, otherwise known as an “EPO.”

“The safety inspector and our electricians were required to be on site and ensure a safe power up to safeguard against equipment damage before we were able to move forward. The moment that we were cleared for a power up, we began turning customers back on in phases (as per recovery procedure, so as to not overload PDUs) and with haste,” stated GigeNET via its post.

Meanwhile, GigeNET is giving SLA credit to customers affected by the downtime. Those interested in receiving them are required to submit tickets via the company’s billing department.

Despite the incident, GigeNET’s Los Angeles data center remained fully operational.