Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 Release Coming November 18

Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4 Release Coming November 18(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tomorrow marks the release date of a number of vide games, including two popular games, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Far Cry 4.

BioWare’s third installment in its Dragon Age series will include a real-time and tactical combat mode, 10 large “open world” locations, and be the first in the series to feature mounts.

“The Inquisition does not have limitless resources: it won’t be possible to pursue every opportunity in the game, and in some cases, your choices will close doors on paths that would otherwise be accessible. You must decide which paths the Inquisition will take, judge who is guilty or innocent, and pursue the goals you deem essential. None of this will be easy, but your companions stand ready to offer their blades and insight, should you require them. And you will require them,” describes executive producer Mark Darrah.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft’s action-adventure shooter game, Far Cry 4, will bring players into the mythical land of Kyrat where players take on many different enemies and leaders.

Both games will hit shelves tomorrow for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.