DreamHost Fights Back Against Server Breach

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – On Friday of last week, web hosting provider DreamHost faced what could be described as any online presence’s worst nightmare: an unauthorized breach of its system.

The web host says that its security system was able to immediately notice the intrusion and the company took swift action to ensure the safety of its customers’ accounts.

DreamHost says the intrusion relied on an “exploit that was not previously known or prevented” by the company’s “layered security systems in place.”

To protect users, the web hosting provider is requiring customer password resets for shell and FTP which were possibly affected in the matter.

“Our first priority in this situation is to protect the safety and security of our customers’ websites and information,” stated DreamHost when discussing the matter via the company’s blog.

Despite FTP and shell access passwords being a possible issue, other sensitive user data including billing information and passwords pertaining to email and web panels were not affected.

As a company, DreamHost provides customers with hosting including dedicated, VPS and shared. Just last month, the company was named a top place to work by the Orange County Register. For more information on the matter, view a blog post by DreamHost here (DreamHost.com).