E-mail Marketing: Why It Is More Important Than Oxygen And How To Do It Right

You read that right, I said e-mailing marketing is more important than oxygen, the element that keeps us all living. I meant it too. Why you ask? It is going to be hard to buy groceries if you cut off the oxygen to your Shopify or BigCommerce store and it can’t make it rain money. Food is important to stay alive too. 🙂

I’ll even admit that the above is a little farfetched. It may have even been an attempt at click bait. Since you are reading this, it worked. I win. You can win too with a well thought out e-mail marketing strategy for your customers.

E-mail Abuse

Don’t abuse e-mail marketing. Like social media, e-mail marketing can damage your company’s brand nearly immediately and with the click of the forward button become viral. That last thing you want is your company being listed in SpamHaus (they feed many other spam filtering and blacklisting services) for being a spammer. Plus, they aren’t the easiest company to become de-listed from.

Typically I recommend keeping the frequency between every week to every two weeks. If you do it multiple times a week you will begin to see higher unsubscribe rates. If you do it less than every two weeks, your customer will wonder where you have been and why you don’t want to be friends.

There is an exception to that rule and that is customers who specifically ask for daily deals. If you have those type of customers, I would absolutely create a segment for them and e-mail them daily with great offers. We have to make sure that grocery bill gets paid.

Awesome E-mail Titles

The title of the e-mail makes or breaks the e-mail marketing. I encourage you to get creative. There are enough boring e-mail titles in your customers inboxes already.

Bad Example: September Newsletter

Good Example: Irresistible Fall Fashions for Under $5.00

The bad example is plain, it is boring, I don’t need to check that e-mail now. I can wait until never and then delete. At least that is what I do with boring e-mail subject lines. The good example gives me a reason to click immediately. I want to see the irresistible fall fashions and they are under $5.00, I need to buy lots of them now that is so cheap.

Make It Personal

Make the e-mail From line personal. If I receive an e-mail from Pizza Hut, I know they likely are spamming me because it says from Pizza Hut. If I see an individual’s name on the From field, it seems like it is directed to me and from a real person. Customers are more likely to check it.

The Conclusion

E-mail marketing can generate thousands of dollars in repeat and referral business. Before you can take advantage of the cash stream, you must get people to click it. Use the above tips to help make your e-mail campaigns better.

Need help implementing an e-mail marketing strategy? Schedule a 60 Minute E-mail Marketing Strategy with a member of our team. We will cover titles, segmentation, best ways to collect e-mails