eApps Expands Application Hosting with OnApp

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Application hosting specialist, eApps, is one of the new breed of cloud providers offering scalable, fully-supported cloud services powered by OnApp software.

eApps was founded in 1986 by three ex-‘Big 4’ consultants. It has been active in hosting services since the mid-1990s, with particular strengths in Java application hosting and enterprise collaboration, email and security services. eApps now uses the OnApp Cloud platform to power a range of scalable, on-demand cloud application hosting services.

In a video released today by OnApp, Richard Lingsch, President of eApps, describes his experience moving to the cloud with OnApp.

“Since we launched the OnApp cloud service we’ve been experiencing a steady growth, and not only are we attracting new customers, but the customers on our previous VPS service are migrating to the new cloud service,” he said. “The people at OnApp know the hosting industry… they know what we need to compete.”

The OnApp Cloud platform also gives eApps the opportunity to expand into new service areas, such as CDN.

“We have customers in over 125 countries. Latency is a big issue, and CDN is the solution to the latency problem. And the fact that the CDN capability is built right into the OnApp system, is very important to us,” says Lingsch. “We love the pay as you grow model. It matches our expenses to our revenues and allows us to put sophisticated services out there easily and quickly, without making a huge financial commitment.”

WHAT: Video – eApps describes the impact the OnApp Cloud and CDN platform has had in growing its global cloud application hosting service

WHO: Richard Lingsch, President of eApps

WHEN: 10 May 2012

WHERE: https://vimeo.com/41086504

About OnApp

OnApp software powers cloud, CDN and storage services for companies all over the world. OnApp products include OnApp Cloud, the leading cloud platform for hosts and service providers; OnApp CDN, a unique federated CDN platform for service providers; and OnApp Storage, a low-cost, high performance distributed SAN for cloud environments.

OnApp launched in July 2010, has more than 110 staff across the EU, U.S. and Asia-Pacific, and can be found online at www.onapp.com.