EasyApache Support for PHP4 Set to Expire in May

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Starting the fourth of May, PHP version 4’s compatibility with EasyApache will no longer be supported. The move was announced by popular web hosting control panel provider cPanel on Wednesday.

“PHP 4 has not been actively developed, or supported by the PHP developers, for several years,” stated an email release from cPanel concerning the matter.

cPanel continued, “Many CVEs reported against newer versions of PHP are also applicable in version 4, but remain unaddressed by the PHP developers.”

Meanwhile, cPanel has implemented a plan to help EasyApache users transition away from PHP 4. The EasyApache platform itself is set to feature an admin warning regarding the version’s soon to expire support. However, if you’re worried by cPanel’s plan to move on from version four, rest easy. The company is offering a Custom Option Module to let administrators still use version four for what the company referred to as an “indeterminate priod.”

EasyApache pertains to web server software. cPanel launched the latest version (3.8.2) of the platform in late December, adding support for mod_ruid2.