eBay Revs Up Nicira Virtualization Technology Via the Data Center

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Recently purchased by virtualization company VMware, Nicira is already being utilized by a top web presence. According to a report appearing on Wired.com, online auction site eBay has started using the company’s virtual network controller via its data center facilities.

Nicira’s network virtiaulization solutions include cloud security, OpenStack compability, enterprise private networking and API. It’s Network Virtualization platform (NVP) is notable for allowing users to administer virtual networks without requiring hardware changes.

And that’s not all. eBay is just one of a number of companies to utilize Nicira’s network. Among other providers are DreamHost, AT&T, Fidelity and cloud hosting provider Rackspace, according to the front page of Nicira’s own website.

VMware moved ahead with its purchase of Nicira last month for a reported price of $1.05 billion. And eBay’s inclusion on the platform surely shows how valuable the acquisition was for VMware.