Eliminate DDoS with a Mitigation Plan, Prolexic Says

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today DDoS attacks represent one of the most common nuances for web hosting providers. The threat is able to successfully cause sites downtime by redirecting a network of compromised computers to a single domain.

DDoS specialist and solutions provider Prolexic addressed how companies can better protect against the threat in a press release on Wednesday by developing a mitigation plan.

Part of the plan involves the idea of service providers setting up what Prolexic referred to as a “stimulated DDoS attack” to ensure they’re protected properly.

Prolexic VP of Operations Neal Quinn discussed the threat of DDoS attacks in a press release regarding the issue. “DDoS attacks are deliberate, targeted events – happening on a daily basis – that demand a preparedness plan much like homeowners preparing for hurricane season,” stated Quinn.

Quinn continued, “When the hurricane inevitably hits, they don’t panic because they knew what to expect and what steps to take to protect their investment.”

Other parts of Prolexic’s suggested mitigation plan include having key contacts, organization of information and more. Just last month, Prolexic made news by issuing an advisory for the High Orbit Ion Cannon. For more information on Prolexic’s mitigation plan, view a press release by the company here (prolexic.com).