Enteracloud Partners with Scale Matrix

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Enteracloud announced today that it was partnering with San Diego Colocation and San Diego Datacenter provider Scale Matrix to deliver PCI Compliant colocation and private cloud computing solutions. The executive team and key investors recently toured the Scale Matrix datacenter for an in depth demonstration of key security components that will be extremely helpful for customers requiring PCI and related security compliance.

Scale Matrix has implemented exacting controls and several leading edge security technologies. As the only colocation company with realtime, biometric reporting capabilities at the cabinet level, Scale Matrix helps to address some of the ambiguous portions of compliance with a definitive solution. Senior Enteracloud Engineer Jonathan Doscher states “What happens in a PCI compliance perspective is that mangement often times puts intense pressure on IT to sign off on compliancy, even if it is not the case or the situation is a gray area. Without a closed loop system that provides direct data reporting by a trusted third party, cabinet level access does not share the same level of non-repudiation that the facility does. This is very troubling when it comes to questions regarding employees or third party vendors with access.”

The cabinet level biometric authentication controls are just one aspect of the security infrastructure in place at Scale Matrix. This is in addition to HD, realtime monitored security feeds, armed security and multiple proprietary security elements that Scale Matrix prefers to not discuss without a signed Non Disclosure Agreement.

All of these security considerations were evaluated thoroughly by Enteracloud staff and auditors to ensure they would meet the bar expected during a PCI audit without additional paperwork or explanations. Doscher continues “We compared this to another major colocation provider in San Diego that was still using two 10 year old cameras to try and protect 38,640 square feet of datacenter space. This would never be accepted by our auditors, nor would we try and convince a customer to entrust their critical infrastructure and payment processsing to this environment.”

About Enteracloud

Enteracloud Solutions is a leading provider of infrastructure and cloud computing solutions. By offering complete end to end solutions that leverage cloud computing, Enteracloud is able to remove the risk and guesswork for today’s business. Enteracloud solutions leverage best of breed technologies, packaged in field tested configurations to allow faster deployments and significant cost savings. Enteracloud Solutions is based in Carlsbad, California. For more information about Enteracloud Solutions, please visit http://www.enteracloud.com, email sales(at)enteracloud(dot)com or call 858-433-8650.

About ScaleMatrix

ScaleMatrix takes an infrastructure-based approach to providing best-in-class hosting solutions to clients at every stage of their IT Lifecycle development. By investing heavily in both facilities and personnel, and developing strategic relationships with critical hardware, software, and support service vendors – we are able to offer our clients industry leading solutions which include design, deployment, and ongoing management as part of our standard offering. For additional information, visit ScaleMatrix at http://www.scalematrix.com.