Entire iOS Line Set for New Dock Connectors?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5 could launch in September and will likely feature a more efficient, smaller dock connector. However, the popular smartphone might not be the only Apple device the new dock connector is featured on.

On Monday, a report from imore.com noted that the new dock connector would be introduced for upcoming versions of other iOS devices. Products to benefit from the redesigned part could include the iPod line and the New iPad along with the expected 7-inch iPad mini tablet.

What’s more impressive is the company’s timeframe for the new dock connecter. The same report noted that the replacement connector could affect all the devices by the fall of this year.

Meanwhile, a news story from Devin Codewey at NBCNews.com said the redesigned part could help take care of a higher amount of data through the connector.

Since the iPod’s introduction over one decade ago, Apple devices have been some of the most talked about in the market. The Cupertino, California-based company released its iPhone 4S last October. That device was notable for adding an AI voice feature known as Siri to the popular smartphone line.