Essential Elements of Your Facebook Page

Essential Elements of Your Facebook Page(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – When creating a Facebook page for your small business, there can be a lot of elements to include. If you only take the time to add your name and photo, you are not giving your customers the full picture of your company. Earlier this week, 1&1 released the Social Media Center, which can easily create a Facebook page for your business if you are a MyWebsite customer. This fills in all the necessary information based on what you have already included on your website. Below is a list of the elements you should be sure to include on any company Facebook page, regardless of how you create it.

1. Cover Photo – This is the first thing that your visitors will see when they come to your Facebook page. Make sure this image is well-designed and attractive to the viewer. Due to the specific size that the image displays on the page, it may be necessary to create a custom image for this purpose, otherwise it may not show up the way you want it.

2. Profile Picture – Most of the time, the profile picture for your page should be your company’s logo, since you can use the cover photo as the more creative outlet. Make sure that the image you use looks good as a full-sized image as well as a smaller thumbnail.

3. A Complete ‘About’ Section – Each page on Facebook has an ‘About’ Section where you can enter more information about your business. Take advantage of this space to not only write a description for your business, but also to link to your website and other social media channels such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

4. Customized Tabs – Facebook pages allow you to add different ‘tabs’ to your channel as well. These tabs can be completely customized and display as thumbnails off of the main page. If you have additional content you would like to share, think about designing these as part of your Facebook presence.

5. User Comments – Finally, since the purpose of a social media page is to be communicative, make sure your page is set up to allow user comments. If you close off any communication with your business, you could turn away a lot of visitors. Allow users to comment, and respond to those comments whenever necessary.

For more information about how the 1&1 Social Media Center can help you create your page, check out 1&1 MyWebsite.

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