EU Plan Calls for 2.5 Million New Cloud Jobs by 2020

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The European Union rolled out its strategy for attracting cloud growth in Europe on Thursday, noting that its goal was to create 2.5 million additional jobs in the sector within the next eight years.

Devised initiatives to reach the objective included what the Union called “cutting through the jungle of technical standards,” which the governing body said would help with factors including data portability, reversibility and interoperability. By doing so, the EU is asking that such standards be determined by sometime next year.

Other parts of the plan include supporting “EU-wide certification schemes for trustworthy cloud providers,” new partnerships with member states and the creation of service level agreement contained within contract terms.

Discussing the matter in a press release, European Commission VP Neelie Kroes called cloud a “game-changer” for the economic landscape. “Without EU action, we will stay stuck in national fortresses and miss out on billions in economic gains. We must achieve critical mass and a single set of rules across Europe. We must tackle the perceived risks of cloud computing head-on,” commented Kroes.

With the addition of jobs added to the cloud industry, the EU anticipates that an additional 160 billion Euros could be added to EU GDP within the next eight years.

The cloud market, without a doubt, has dominated the economic tech landscape in recent years. The EU is expected to participate in devising a new cyber security strategy for the continent within the near future.