EuroVPS Launches Solid State Drive-based Shared Hosting

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – European Web hosting provider EuroVPS announced today it has extended its product line by introducing Shared Hosting plans powered by Solid State Drives (SSD), which offer substantial performance benefits over traditional disk-based drives.

Solid State Drives offer performance improvements of up to 132x the IOPS of even the fastest 15,000 RPM SAS mechanical drives. This storage medium is ideal for database intensive applications and high traffic websites, effectively removing any disk subsystem bottleneck.

“The launch of new SSD based hosting products marks a strategic shift in EuroVPS,” said Max Kleeman, CMO at EuroVPS. “Many businesses are not ready for a VPS or Cloud Server. The performance benefits of SSD are clear by now. And capitalizing them should not be difficult. This is what we are trying to do here.”

EuroVPS is targeting businesses with database-intensive applications or websites, which otherwise would not be permitted to remain on traditional shared hosting due to IOP constraints.

The decision to launch SSD Shared Hosting is the result of a two-month market research of existing shared hosting clients. The survey, which sampled the views of 468 clients, found that 72% were “somewhat” or “very” interested in upgrading to an SSD based package versus upgrading to a VPS solution.

Pricing for SSD Shared Hosting will begin at €10 per month for 5GB of SSD Storage and 1TB of bandwidth. Dedicated HP Proliant BladeServers are also available starting at €100/month. SSD Shared packages are hosted on Linux-based servers and include the optimized LiteSpeed web server and the cPanel control panel system.

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About EuroVPS

EuroVPS was established in 2004. As one of the first VPS providers to begin offering services based out of the Benelux region, it markets to SMB’s that require low latency to their EU-centric websites. EuroVPS employs over 20 people, located in Netherlands, Ukraine, Cyprus, and Greece.