Evalice Announces the Use of Ksplice

(Ping! Zine) – Spanish webhosting provider Evalice (www.evalice.com) as part of improving its services has begun to use Ksplice, this application eliminates the usual restarts that are performed by web hosting providers on the servers when updating the Linux Kernel.

One of the great improvements it has brought to Evalice, is avoiding those little moments of time “offline”, which over the years can add an important time when a website is unavailable and adversely affect the popularity of the website of their clients and positioning in search engines.

Another important value of this tool is its automation, the kernel will be updated within a few hours of releasing a new version without intervention by Evalice technicians, so that the server security is enhanced considerably by providing always the latest version of the Linux operating system kernel.

Evalice is a supplier of innovative professional web hosting in the Spanish market and is constantly looking to improve services to its customers at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to safety, for this reason we have begun using Ksplice in all our shared hosting servers with very good results. The reports so far we had to send our customers to inform them that the server would be restarted to update the kernel will no longer be necessary, increasing the availability of web sites and removing the little annoyances that cause these reboots.