EverQuest Next Likely Getting Oculus Rift Support

EverQuest Next Likely Getting Oculus Rift Support(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Highly anticipated MMO EverQuest Next is likely to feature support for virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.

The feature was recently hinted at by EverQuest Next Senior Producer Terry Michaels who recently took time to give fans a tour of the “Black Box” where the game is being developed.

In one scene, Michaels finishes talking then precedes to put on an Oculus Rift device before playing a version of the title.

Sony Online Entertainment recently detailed EverQuest Next during this month’s SOE Live conference. The game is a new take on the MMO genre, adding tools that allow EverQuest fans to actually build the game’s environment and online content.

Classes set to be featured in EverQuest Next include Tempest, Rogue, Warrior, Blademaster and Wizard. A launch date for the game remains unknown. Watch the video below: