EverQuest Taking Pass on ‘Holy Trinity’ MMO Model

EverQuest Next Likely Getting Oculus Rift Support(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  Highly anticipated MMO EverQuest Next promises to reshape the MMO genre – allowing users to have a big say in the game’s online environment

The title is also set to  bring a new perspective, pushing aside what’s commonly been dubbed the “holy trinity” of MMO gaming – something that’s commonly used healers, DPS and tanks in title likes WoW and Guild Wars.

So how’s EverQuest Next shaping things up?

“The dedicated roles of the holy trinity are not going to be present in Everquest Next. There will be different classes and different build that are angled towards some of the roles, so there might be a class or a build or a class that is more tank-ish but you don’t NEED that person to accomplish that goal and content. You can go in there without having somebody who is the stereotypical tank,” explained EverQuest Next Senior Producer Terry Michaels via a report from US Gamer.

Sony Online Entertainment has been developing Everquest Next and has created the “EverQuest Next Landmark” to allow fans to shape the game’s online content. The platform recently began beta sign ups.