Expanding the Web: ICANN to Unveil New TLDs Tomorrow

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The long ICANN process for registering new top level domains will arrive at a formal conclusion tomorrow when the online authority unveils exactly which new address suffixes were approved.

Meanwhile, reports have already circulated indicating some of the applied for TLDs desired by tech providers including Google. Last month, the online search giant revealed in a blog post that it had applied for .google, .docs, .youtube and .lol.

.MUSIC could also be among the list of approved gTLDs. .MUSIC, an organization seeking to get the TLD approved through ICANN recently discussed its initiative in a press release. “.MUSIC’s priority is to make the .music domain widely available to the global music community while balancing the needs for inclusiveness and security,” commented Constantine Roussos, Founder of the organization.

ICANN’s application process has been exhaustive. Initially announced in 2008, the platform received a major setback when the organization was forced to pull its application system offline due to a discovered vulnerability. Applying for a new domain address came with a price of $185 thousand although a discount was provided for some organizations meeting particular standards.

Expanding TLDs outside the usual list of .com, .org, .net and more hasn’t been without controversy. In December, the FTC expressed concern regarding how the introduction of new TLDs would affect the operation of online spammers. At the time, the government agency said, “A rapid, exponential expansion of gTLDs has the potential to magnify both the abuse of the domain name system and the corresponding challenges we encounter in tracking down Internet fraudsters.”

While the official launch of IPv6 last week brought one of the biggest changes to the web’s infrastructure in quite some time, the rollout of new TLDs is expected to be more visibly noticeable.