Experts Warn People of Potential Online Dating Dangers This Valentine’s Day

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – People look for love in all different places, including the Internet. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, and many people turning their attention to their social lives, experts aim to warn people of potential threats that come along with online dating.

According to a recent statistic, 41,250,000 people in the United States have tried online dating. With its rise in popularity among all age groups, one can never be too careful when meeting people through such websites. We’ve all heard a few online dating horror stories, and it’s more important than ever to know exactly who you’re talking to. In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission received 10,263 complaints about possible romance scams that cost victims an estimated $105 million in 2012. The FBI claims that “the most common targets are women over 40, who are divorced, widowed, and/or disabled, but every age group and demographic is at risk.”

“Online dating fraud is a very real threat and can happen to anyone,” said Stephen Dorr, Founder and CEO of North Star Integrity. “The sheer number of scammers has risen dramatically over the past few years. Some may lead their victim on for months or even years to build trust, or they may strike immediately. Unfortunately it can be difficult to determine who you can and cannot trust, but there are various warning signs to look for and services to help you.”

North Star Integrity offers a service to clear the air with your new flame; to begin an honest, open relationship for both of you and ensure that you, your assets and, if you have children, your family members, do not become victims of a person who is misrepresenting themselves in an online dating profile. Stephen Dorr of North Star Integrity is available to further discuss the potential threats of online dating, warning signs to look for, and how to resolve any worried thoughts about your new flame.