EZX Opens Equinix NY4 Data Center

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine)  EZX, Inc. announced that its new data center located in Equinix’s NY4 facility is fully operational. With the new site online, EZX clients now benefit from low latency cross connects and high speed connectivity direct to their trading counterparties. “All of our existing clients have been migrated seamlessly, and we are actively turning on new clients every day,” said John Petschauer, EZX CEO. “Low latency and high speed have become critical to the business of trading. It’s not just for high frequency traders,” added Mr. Petschauer. In today’s fast markets, trading firms are demanding lower latency connections to their counterparties. Whether they are trading an FX triangular arbitrage strategy or a simple equity pair, speed matters. Now, with the combination of their world class software and new data center, EZX is continuing to deliver what customers need.

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