Fable Legends Unveiled as Xbox One Exclusive at Gamescom

Fable Legends Unveiled as Xbox One Exclusive at Gamescom(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Gamers will have their latest chance to return to the magical world of Albion when Lionhead Studios launches Fable Legends, a title announced as an Xbox One exclusive on Tuesday at Gamescom 2014.

Fable Legends notably features gameplay allowing up to three players and Microsoft says the game “empowers you to play the way you want.”

“Hone your skills in swordplay, or specialize in the arcane arts as a wizard or witch. Play cooperatively with friends on Xbox Live, venture through Albion solo with AI companions, or create a party comprised of both human and computer allies. Switching between single and multiplayer sessions is seamless, allowing you or your friends to hop in and out whenever you decide,” commented the tech giant via the Xbox Wire on Tuesday.

As has been traditional in the Fable series, the game allows users to select between playing the hero or the villain – the latter of which could allow them to “combine strategy and tactics to control an army of minions against the Heroes.”

Also in the mix for the title is Xbox SmartGlass, the platform that delivers on cross-syncing with tablet and mobile devices to deliver new types of game controls. Through the feature, players can track their game progress, get info on quests. On the other hand, Microsoft notes you’ll get use SmartGlass when playing the villain via co-op to fight against Hero players.

A release date has yet to be confirmed. Watch a trailer below: