Facebook Adds Hashtag Conversations

Facebook-Hashtag(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Business owners who have some experience using Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram should be at least slightly familiar with hashtags. Hashtags are # symbols placed in front of certain words on social media networks, to create or join conversations about that topic. For example, if a large portion of your audience is discussing the Father’s Day we just had, they may include “#FathersDay” in their tweets, posts, or photos. The hashtag is then hyperlinked, so users can click to find a list of all public users that are discussing that same topic. This can be useful for businesses that are trying to promote a specific brand or product, or even just a special deal. It also helps to monitor what your target audience is already discussing.

Until last week, Facebook was the largest social network that did not allow for this type of conversation, but they have now started to roll out this functionality. When a user clicks on a hashtag on Facebook, they will be taken to a feed of what other users and businesses are saying about that topic, which could open doors for more opportunities with your business.

In addition to being able to create and click on existing hashtags, users can also now use the Facebook search bar to search for a specific topic. As a business owner, you could search for a conversation topic that is relevant to your business, and see a list of all users that are discussing that topic. This can allow for more customer research, and help you to improve your social communication strategy.

If you do not see this functionality on your Facebook account just yet, there is no need to worry. As with any large change on a social media platform, this will continue rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks. More and more users will start to create conversations in the near future.

Photo Credit: ©Facebook

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