Facebook and Twitter “Purge” Pages Expose Teens To Online Abuse

Facebook and Twitter "Purge" Pages Expose Teens To Online Abuse (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Multiple Twitter and Facebook “Purge” pages emerged last week, inspired by the recently released film, The Purge: Anarchy.

On one Facebook page, exposed secrets and dozens of nude photos were revealed, without consent from the people in the pictures, KOAT 7 reports.

“No one is safe. Where you could say anything, expose any picture, expose anyone and tag whoever in whatever,” says the “Facebook Purge” page.

Meanwhile, “The ScV Purge” Twitter account gained hundreds of followers, encouraging everyone to “expose anyone you know.”

According to the LA Times, The ScV Purge creator posted numerous nude full body shots of local teens and then threatened to expose their names at midnight.

Sgt. Brian Hudson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department stated that the account holder could face felony charges if the people in the pictures are underage.

“Anytime explicit photos of a minor are distributed or taken, it is considered to be child pornography,” said Hudson.

He also noted that the page was quickly removed by Twitter and that the social media giant is being “extremely cooperative with the Sherriff’s department.”