Facebook Boosts Efforts To Stop Bullying

(Ping! Zine Technology Magazine) – As one of the most popular social media sites among teens, Facebook has announced that they are boosting efforts to stop bullying by launching the Bullying Prevention Hub. Starting today, teens will find it much easier to seek adult advice within their network of friends when they are being bullied or harassed.

According to a report from the Washington Post, the new Bullying Prevention Hub allows teens to anonymously report “abusive” content and gives parents, teens, and educators talking points and guides on how to handle being bullied on Facebook. “Rather than simply focus on awareness of this information, we’re putting it at people’s fingertips at the moment they need it most,” Facebook stated in a news release, according to the report.

While this eases many concerns for Facebook users, Instagram, Facebook’s newly acquired photo sharing app, does not share the same bullying prevention efforts. Privacy and child advocates are pushing for Facebook to extend its new policy to the social network’s subsidiary, Instagram.

The popular photo sharing app currently maintains its own policies to protect the privacy and safety of youths.