Facebook Adds Subscribing and Changes Friends Lists

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today and yesterday have seen a couple new announcements by Facebook regarding improvements to the social network. Facebook most recently previewed a “Suscribe” button, allowing users to follow public status updates of people they don’t necessarily have on their friends’ list (i.e. celebrities, public figures, and such).

Another update on Tuesday saw Facebook previewing a new setup for the network’s friends lists.

Commenting on the Facebook blog, Director of Product at Facebook Blake Ross stated, “Want to see posts from your closest friends? Or perhaps you’d like to share a personal story with your family—without also telling all your co-workers. With improved Friend Lists, you can easily see updates from and share with different lists of friends.”

The changes involve two new features including “Smart lists” and “Close Friends and Acquaintances lists.” Smart lists are created based off of what information (on your profile) you have in common with other friends.  Close Friends and Acquaintances lists allow users to see information from users who they are close to.

Meanwhile, “Better Suggestions” simply recommends which friends to add to particular lists. The changes follow a big privacy update by Facebook that was announced in August. You can find more information on the updates at the Facebook blog: http://blog.facebook.com/