Facebook Employee’s Lose 2 Million Since IPO

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – In a week where Facebook announced their 1 billionth user it was also reported that Facebook Employee’s on average had lost $2 million each since the company went public in May. Samuel Junghenn founder of Digital Marketing Agency Think Big Online says this is just a small bump in the road.

“Facebook is a force to be reckoned with, they have strong management, they are experimenting with aggressive income methods and I see their share price recovering over time. Employee’s should not be worried about the future as the future is looking positive for Facebook.” Said Mr Junghenn.

In a report released by Equilar it was found that as of last Friday the average employee’s stock in the company had dropped by $2.5 million. This average did not take into account the amount that other executives of the company had lost. Sheryl Sandberg the company’s COO has lost more than $700 million since the IPO meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg has lost an astounding $10.5 billion.

“I’d imagine that employee morale is low at Facebook at the moment, but this is where great companies are made. A great company will bounce back from this kind of loss and build to a greater and stronger product.” Said Mr Junghenn.

As more businesses and consumers turn to Facebook and make it an integral part of their daily lives it will be interesting to see how Facebook evolves and the share price rises.

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