Facebook Facial Recognition Gone in EU

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Facebook’s photo tagging feature will no longer be backed by facial recognition technology providing users with suggestions in Europe.

Last year, the issue proved controversial, as the majority of those using the social network initially appeared to not know the feature was enabled.

The technology itself is used to analyze Facebook photos based off past tags. It then is able to suggest user facial tags while relying on the data.

However, the measure has been pulled following privacy recommendations issued by the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, reported the BBC.

Facebook has long defended itself regarding the featuring, noting that users can disable it. That’s despite the fact it’s turned on by default. The social site has also maintained the facial analysis is simply there to help enhance the user experience via tag suggestions.

But if you’re expecting its exit from the European Union to be permanent, think again. “Our intention is to reinstate the tag-suggest feature, but consistent with new guidelines. The service will need a different form of notice and consent,” commented Facebook director of policy for Europe Richard Allan in the BBC’s report.