Facebook Malicious Attack Glitch Sparks App Outage

Facebook Malicious Attack Glitch Sparks App Outage(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Facebook recently had an app outage: Not a good day for the world’s top social network. The incident occurred on Tuesday and affected Facebook developer accounts.

On Thursday, the company explained the reasoning behind the downtime, noting it sometimes detects an attack that requires augmentation. The malicious pattern is then identified to disable such threats.

“On August 13th, we undertook such a procedure. We started with a broad pattern that correctly matched many thousands of malicious apps but, unfortunately, also matched many of your high quality apps. When we detected this error, we immediately stopped the process and began work to restore access. The process took longer than expected because of the number of apps affected and bugs related to the restoration of app metadata,” stated the company’s Eugene Zarakhovsky via the Facebook Developer blog.

The social network, meanwhile, says it’ll undertake key steps to stop such incidents from occurring again including creating “better tools to detect overly broad patterns and put in place better processes to verify that all apps matched are indeed malicious” along with addressing “the bugs and bottlenecks that made the recovery process slower than expected.”

In October of last year, Facebook surpassed 1 billion users.