Facebook: We Should Have Better Explained @Facebook.com Emails

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Another landmark change in the history of Facebook, and more confusion among users: That’s how things recently went for the top social network when it changed everyone’s profile to feature @facebook.com emails instead of the ones users had originally designated their profiles to display.

Users were surprised when the issue surfaced yesterday, finding out that their much loved real emails no longer appeared for others to see (For example, if you commonly check a Gmail address, then why would you want an @facebook.com email listed as your primary contact on your Facebook profile?).

However, by Wednesday, the site admitted it had erred by not better publicizing the move, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. The move was originally announced in April.

“We want people to use whatever service is most effective for them,” commented the social site representative in the Journal’s report. Users can simply change their emails to whatever they want by editing their profile information.

Facebook has routinely introduced new features resulting in user backlashes. A facial recognition feature that helps with user photo tag suggestions previously sparked some controversy when some users didn’t know it was enabled.