“Fair Use” Becomes Key Issue in Google-Oracle Fight

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – It’s the clash of two tech giants. One reigns prominently visible in the market while the other represents a key player operating behind the scenes, specializing in the area of database management. Oracle is suing Google for around one billion, alleging that the Internet search giant stole key coding from Java (a platform Oracle owns) and used it in popular mobile OS Android.

The latest on the case? It came down to a split decision just yesterday, meaning the verdict was only partial.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the jurors considering the matter at the Federal District Court level concluded that Google had indeed used some of Java’s coding for integration in Android. However, some of the patents in question came down to whether or not they fell under fair use.

The result? Oracle could only be rewarded minimal damages from Google’s patent violations. According to the AP, those violations account for cash values ranging between $200 and $150,000 each, substantially less than the total Oracle had been hoping for.

Meanwhile, the trial is set to move on with key presentations from both the defense and prosecutors related to other key patents Oracle has alleged Google stole. Oracle bought Java from Sun Microsystems in 2009 for an estimated cash value totaling over $5 billion.