Fathom Q, the Socially-aware Cloud Contact Center

Fathom Q, the Socially-aware Cloud Contact Center(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Indianapolis-based company, Fathom Voice, announces its newest application, Fathom Q. Fathom Q, or simply ‘Q’ provides a fully-scalable, contact center solution that allows companies to manage their inbound and outbound calling efforts inside one socially-aware and smart-routing platform.

Fathom Voice has been recognized for their achievements with two consecutive Techpoint Mira Award nominations as the Emerging Tech Company of the Year. During that that time, the company has been building and perfecting a platform to handle the release of this new application. This platform enables Fathom to release Q, along with a family of applications, designed to build on each other, providing layers of data and additional calling features.

Together, these applications lay the foundation for Fathom to launch this previously unavailable technology inside the contact center industry. Fathom Q finally provides contact centers the power and reliability often missing in cloud-based solutions. Fathom Voice CEO, Cameron Weeks, had this to say when asked about Fathom Q’s impact on companies, “All of us at Fathom have a true passion for helping businesses find better ways to engage with their clients and prospects. Fathom Q is a huge step forward in allowing companies to truly become customer-focused.”

Fathom Q accomplishes the rare feat of providing companies the ability to operate outbound calling campaigns, while seamlessly blending inbound calling strategies. The ability for agents to see insights to the social and business history of the caller prior to answering allows agents to truly engage with prospects and clients in real time. Fathom Voice EVP of Product & Infrastructure Bracken Fields shared his insights, “Fathom Q is the combination of multiple applications, and years of engineering. [email protected] allows Q to be completely customized and utilized across multiple applications. We are excited to see how our clients will take this technology and put it to use in their businesses.”

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About Fathom Voice

Fathom Voice helps companies better communicate with their prospects and clients. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Fathom focuses on building industry-leading software and offering reliable and scalable solutions to serve companies’ needs. Whether internally, across the country, or on the other side of the globe, Fathom helps businesses connect faster and easier through our cloud-based communication platform. Located at: 6311 East Westfield Blvd. Suite 200, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220