FCC Abandons Net Neutrality Negotiations

(Ping! Zine) – Federal regulators have recently abandoned efforts to negotiate a deal between Internet service providers and web companies over net neutrality rules.

The FFC  announced on Thursday, it has ended its efforts in trying to provide a compromise between the various companies, citing that weeks of negotiations had not “generated a robust framework to preserve openness and freedom of the Internet.”

Verizon executive vice president, Tom Tauke thanked the agency for its efforts. “The FCC talks made good progress toward consensus on a number of points. We will continue to work with the FCC, Congress and all interested parties.”

AT&T Senior Executive Vice President Jim Cicconi said that AT&T was “disappointed that the net neutrality talks convened by the FCC have broken down. We put a number of significant concessions on the table and, despite today’s setback, remain convinced that a consensus solution can be achieved.”