Feature Guide to New BlackBerry Q10 & Z10

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – BlackBerry is hoping to reposition itself at the forefront of the smartphone industry with two new devices including the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. The phones, meanwhile, include an entirely new operating system (BlackBerry 10).

The new offering includes some interesting features. We highlight those below:

BlackBerry Hub – This management service allows the user to oversee a number of messages including BBM, personal and work email along with social media notifications.

BlackBerry World – 70 thousand applications are already included in the company’s app store.

BlackBerry Remember – This solution mixes tasks, memos and other content into a singular platform. “It helps you organize and manage information you have on your smartphone around projects or ideas, letting you collect content such as websites, emails, photos, documents, and other files, and then like a To-Do list, lets you create tasks, assign due dates, and track your progress,” notes the company in a press release.

BlackBerry Balance – Balance works to separate your personal data from work-related data

BlackBerry 10 Browser – The company is focusing more on HTML5 technology with the new browser. Private browsing, multiple tabs and a reader mode are in the mix.

Time Shift – Helps time the photo capturing process to where all are smiling at once.

Story Maker – Cool feature that allows the user to create HD movies using personal photos, videos and music

Keyboard – BlackBerry notes the keyboard adapts to your typing habits, making it easier for the user to write text.

BlackBerry Flow – Apps run seamlessly with this organization feature. Users can click contacts to see their latest social media status updates.