Feds Shut Down ‘Coreflood’ Botnet

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Coreflood, a massive botnet responsible for having infected millions users’ computers has finally been shut down. The Justice Department worked with the FBI to take down the cyber criminals.

The botnet operation consisted of five command servers from remotely controlled computers and twenty-nine domains, all of which were seized by the FBI. The Department of Justice also named a total of thirteen defendants in the investigation, all of whom were citizens foreign to the United States.

Upon announcing the shut-down, Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer stated, “The actions announced today are part of a comprehensive effort by the department to disable an international botnet, while at the same time giving consumers the ability to take necessary steps to protect themselves from this harmful malware”.

Dave Marcus of computer security company McAfee noted that the while it’s hard to estimate the total cost lost by victims of the botnet, cyber criminals may have made off with over one hundred million dollars by tapping into sensitive user information such as passwords and finances. Such personal information may have allowed the hackers to transfer funds to outside sources.

Investigators believe that Coreflood has operated for almost ten years, infecting almost two million computer systems from around the world. The botnet primarily functioned by recording infected computers’ key strokes.

The Feds are also working to notify as many victims who might have been compromised by Coreflood in order to tamper down on any future cases of identity theft and fraud.