FiberCloud Announces FiberCloud Online Backup

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – FiberCloud is partnering with software vendor BackupAgent to provide customers with the recently announced FiberCloud Online Backup, a cloud-based fully encrypted workstation and server backup solution. FiberCloud Online Backup was made possible through BackupAgent’s software innovation and FiberCloud’s privately owned and securely provisioned hosting environment.

BackupAgent software features high security standards as 256 bit AES encryption, and provisioning in FiberCloud’s privately owned and maintained data centers. The software protects business data against hardware crashes, virus attacks, theft, natural disasters or other unforeseeable data threats. FiberCloud is serving customers with laptops, desktops and on and off premise servers including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. For individual users, FiberCloud Online Backup provides flexible backup scheduling to optimize bandwidth use, strong data reduction technology to reduce storage space and the flexibility to backup different sets of selected files.

This new product allows workers in small to medium sized business to backup their business critical data to FiberCloud’s private cloud. Customer’s valuable data is protected in FiberCloud’s own secure data centers, managed by FiberCloud’s experienced technicians. FiberCloud’s hosting environment features multiple layers of physical and virtual security including redundant connections to the Internet for the best possible uptime and strict access policies to ensure only the customer can access to their data.

“BackupAgent provides a key service that enables Windows and Mac OS X workstations and servers with Windows and Linux options to form one all inclusive and simple backup solution that works well for our customers across the board”, said Susan DeFlorio, COO of FiberCloud.

“We’re thrilled to have been chosen by FiberCloud, as they represent the kind of quality hosting that we look for in our private label partners. Their quality data centers and highly experienced staff are exactly how we want our product to be represented in the US market,” said Roland Sars, Director Sales and Marketing at BackupAgent.