Filtering Solution for Google Encrypted Search

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today, Lightspeed Systems announced that an update to its web filtering solution has been developed in preparation for yesterday’s announcement from Google regarding encrypted search.

Nearly two years ago, Google raised concerns in the K12 community when it launched encrypted search, which provided anonymity and privacy to consumers, but prevented schools from filtering search results, reporting on searches, and blocking inappropriate images. In response, Google moved its encrypted search to a separate domain, allowing schools to block the encrypted domain while still allowing (and filtering and logging) searches on the unencrypted domain.

Yesterday, Google announced plans to enhance encrypted search and to redirect logged-in users to an encrypted https domain. In response, Lightspeed Systems has developed an update to its award-winning web filter to accommodate the encrypted search in K12 schools.

The latest Lightspeed Systems software release, which will be available next week, will ensure that Lightspeed Systems customers remain CIPA-compliant, safe and secure in their filtering and monitoring.

“Basically, we are transparently redirecting any encrypted search request to a special domain Google has created for schools:,” explains Lightspeed Systems Chief Technology Officer, Rob Chambers. “With our filter, districts will be able to use Google search, to filter search results, and to log searches—as well as use the many other Google services they rely on—safely and securely.”

Lightspeed Systems developers worked closely with Google to accommodate Google encrypted search and to ensure that this latest Google release would not negatively impact K12 districts. Because schools rely heavily on web-based services and content to engage students in learning, Lightspeed Systems is constantly updating its filtering technology with features that enable safe, CIPA-compliant, monitored access to online tools and resources.

Updates to the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter will be available free to customers.

For more information about Google encrypted search, visit:

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