Final Fantasy 14 ‘A Realm Reborn’ Early Access Hits Saturday

Final Fantasy 14 ‘A Realm Reborn’ Early Access Hits Saturday(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you’re a big Final Fantasy 14 fan, what better way to start your weekend than receiving early access to the highly anticipated title?

While the game will officially launch on August 27th, those who pre-ordered the title will find it playable on the 24th. Those lucky and determined players can visit to redeem their early access codes.

Square Enix, meanwhile, has warned that things may get a bit choppy due to the high demand.

“Please note that the traffic on the site could spike, so if you do run into issues, please try again shortly. . If you get Error 3 please be advised that this is because of capacity issues,” commented the developer.

Final Fantasy 14, an MMO, will become available for Windows and the PlayStation 3. A PS4 edition is also in the works for November.