Fireblade Reveals a New Behavioral Approach to Website Security

With DDoS attacks growing in size and complexity, service providers are seeking new ways to fend off attacks and protect their customers. One of the ways that security providers are detecting modern DDoS attacks is through a behavior-based approach.

Unlike a signature-based approach, which relies on prior knowledge of existing DDoS attacks, the behavioral approach inspects users’ behavior and interactions with valuable website assets, making it a much more dynamic way to respond to real-time threats. One of the companies that employ a behavioral approach in its technology is Fireblade, a web application security and traffic management service provider.

FireBlade’s solution—available as either SaaS or an on-premise installation—is built on a 2-Tier model which combines 30 cloud Points of Presence (PoP) and a Central Security Cloud (CSC). The CSC aggregates and processes traffic data and behavioral information collected from the PoPs.

Learn more about Fireblade’s multi-layer approach to defending against DDoS, zero-day attacks, commercial abuse, and more in a new white paper, available as a free download on the WHIR. Download it now.