Firefox OS Devices Get the Go-Ahead at Foxconn

firefoxpanda(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Foxconn is working on highly anticipated Firefox OS devices, a report from the Wall Street Journal noted Monday.

Up to 5 products could be in the mix. Aside from the obvious smartphones, televisions running Firefox OS are also included.

Mozilla’s Firefox OS has been a long time in the making and could provide an alternative in a market currently dominated by the likes of the iPhone and Android-based devices.

If Foxconn sounds like a familiar name, well, it’s because it is. The Taiwanese-based manufacturer has notably created devices for partners including Apple, Nintendo and Amazon.

In April, we reported Mozilla initially planned to make its Firefox OS devices available in the foreign market (Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Portugal and Poland) sometime this summer with U.S. availability set for some time next year.