Five Blog Tools to be Thankful For

AwayFind –web application that lets you take a break from email for a few hours without having an anxiety attack. You set up simple filters so that when you receive an urgent message from your “watch list” of people, AwayFind will notify you with a call, SMS, IM, DM (Twitter), or delegate the message to someone you specify.

SkedgeMe – calendaring 2.0 application that simplifies the scheduling process by putting the responsibility in the hands of your customers. Automatic emails make confirming, canceling, and rescheduling easy as (pumpkin) pie.

MediaPass – custom paywall solution for your website that helps you determine how to maximize profits through price point testing algorithm. The service is “easy as AdSense,” takes minutes to set up and claims to deliver results 5-20x better than advertising alone.

Docstoc – great tool for entrepreneurs, online marketplace of free and for purchase legal, business, financial, technical, and educational documents (think small biz cash flow projection spread sheet, employment agreement, liability documents, etc.).

SocialTwist – their Tell-a-Friend widget spreads your content across the Web by making it easier for your visitors to bookmark and share it with other people.  This widget is easy to install on any blog and enables end users to share seamlessly communicate valuable messages to their email list, facebook friends, twitter followers, IM buddies, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!