Five Simple Ways Employees Can Speed Up Their Computer System

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – One of the most frustrating things that can impact productivity and increase the level of frustration at work is a slow computer.  While computers can be “lightening fast,” employees will experience a desktop or laptop that is slow to power up or that gets stuck in a loop of commands preventing them from completing a task right away.

Employees will cross their fingers and try rebooting to solve the problem, or, more likely, will call the IT manager for assistance.   To help empower workers to prevent or solve the problem of a slow system, Staples Technology Solutions has put together five quick and simple tips that IT managers can share with system users that will make their computers operate faster, and free the IT manager up for bigger challenges:

  • First, workers who leave their machine on all the time should restart their computer or restart applications a few times a week.  Programs can slowly use extra memory and create temporary files.  Closing them once a week can sometimes free up all of the memory and remove these files to start fresh.
  • Have virus scans (not updates) run at night when the system is idle.  Anti-virus software uses a lot of resources and scan every file on the disk. If the employee is using the computer at the same time, programs will be slow.  It’s important, however, to get frequent updates “real time” so the system is protected at all times.  When evaluating virus protection software, take into consideration the amount of system resources it uses regularly.
  • Remove unused programs from the computer.  Removing unused programs will rid the computer of drivers and links that are no longer needed, resulting in faster processing and start-up time.
  • Check to make sure all of the programs that run in the background at machine start-up are needed Make sure, after installing new applications, that they only run when wanted.  Check all existing applications that are not needed all the time, especially network intensive ones (like Skype, Trillian, Tweet Deck).
  • Finally, if not using a wireless connection, disable unused network cards in the system manager If network cards are installed and not used, the system will scan them from time to time, looking to connect to a network. This can decrease computer performance significantly.  If the employee is on a network, however, this will not occur.

In addition to these tips, Staples Technology Solutions experts are available to talk with you about additional recommendations they have for businesses on making employees’ computers operate much more efficiently. They can also discuss creative ways to extend the life of the technology. Please let me know if you would be interested in setting up a call.