Fluid Network Acquires Steadfast Shared Hosting

(Ping! Zine) – There has been a lot of buzz on the Internet about one major hosting company Steadfast, which is selling their shared hosting operation.  This went into effect at the end of October, 2010.  Steadfast has decided to sell their shared hosting service to Fluid Hosting.  A lot of people are concerned about this questionable sell, because they have come to expect great service and customer support from Steadfast over the past years.  But, can Fluid Network be trusted?  People are naturally skeptical about any big change in a company since their websites are a huge investment for them.

There are three questions, in which people would like to have the answers to.

Will prices and plans change?
No, prices are going to stay the same and Fluid Hosting has no plans on changing thier prices.  Furthermore, they have no intentions of changing their plans so that previous Steadfast customers are still happy with their service.  If you are satisfied with your current plan Fluid would encourage you to stay with the same plan; their is certainly no pressure to upgrade to a plan with more resources.

How are refunds going to be handled?
Fluid Network is going to honor their refund policy as always.  If you have signed up for Steadfast previously Steadfast will be responsible for handling your refunds.  Fluid Network does understand this concern and is willing to put their name on the line with such a great hosting company.

How will domain names be handled?
Steadfast will keep all their domain names.  This is for their shared services, and does not effect domains in anyway.  Fluid will be working on sorting out domain migration as soon as possible.  They will send out a message to all their customers to keep you up to date.

Fluid vs Steadfast
The H-Sphere on Steadfast’s servers are considerably more crowded than Fluid Network.  However, with Fluid this is actually considered to be the norm.    You should be assured that you are in good hands with Fluid.

You can expect to get all the same great features.  Steadfast will not limit you one one domain, and will allow an unlimited number.  With Fluid they seem to be more forgiving with the storage quota.  The only considerable difference seems to be that Steadfast had 2 tiers of plans, which were actually cheaper than Fluid’s cheapest plan.

Performance and Uptime
Wherever you are located their seems to be no loss of speed or lag with either hosting service.  The edge would actually have to go to Fluid as it seems to be slightly faster.  Each seem to perform the same with a 99.8% to 99.9% uptime.

Customer Support
Again the edge will have to go to Fluid.  Fluid seems to handle their tickets within five to fifth-teen minutes, whereas Steadfast seems to handle their support tickets in ten to thirty minutes.  Depending on the complexity of the situation a ticket can be escalated to a higher level, which will generally be resolved in 24 hours.  You can trust that you will be receiving more updates on maintenance with Fluid Network.

All and all, the change shouldn’t be of much worry to any Steadfast customers, seeing how Fluid seems to be able to handle their servers and customers with much ease.  It actually seems to be a change for the better, and I hope this update has put any misconceptions or questions aside.