Flux7 Becomes An Amazon Web Services Competency Partner

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Flux7, an IT consultancy helping businesses use cloud infrastructure to improve business agility, today announced that it has become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Life Sciences Competency Partner. A component of the AWS Partner Network, the APN Competency Program for Life Sciences is designed to highlight APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in specialized solution areas.

Jahan Khalili, Ph.D. is founder of Personal Peptides, provider of the ImmunoDiet, a nutrigenomic tool for cancer patients that relies on DNA analysis and HPC. Khalili said, “Flux7 had a unique way of looking at the challenge that I did not find from other vendors. They were able to re-architect the entire system and leverage their relationship with AWS to strategically work through any technical or business issues that arose.”

Flux7 helps businesses create or optimize cloud infrastructure that provides elastic support for applications and workflows, helping customers to control costs while easily scaling to meet demands. This flexibility helps businesses to develop innovative solutions for consumers and providers, conduct research, trials or proof of concepts, and provide secure, scalable applications and websites. Flux7 services include architectural design and strategy, migration to or set-up on cloud infrastructure, and optimization of existing cloud infrastructure, using a mix of proprietary, partner and open source tools.

“Life sciences and healthcare organizations are under pressure to maintain the privacy and security of data, achieve high uptime rates, and speed solutions to market. The mix of high performance computing, automation, scaling and failover can become a significant business in this hotly competitive, regulated environment. The AWS Life Sciences Competency helps organizations find AWS APN Partners with the specialized knowledge and experience to succeed,” said Aater Suleman, Flux7 CEO.

The APN Competency Program is designed to provide AWS customers with top quality APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solution areas. Life Sciences Competency Partners offer a variety of services, software and solutions on the AWS Cloud to help customers conduct drug discovery, manage clinical trials, engage in manufacturing and distribution activities and conduct research and development of genetic-based treatments and companion diagnostics.

As life sciences and healthcare organizations can come under high levels of scrutiny for keeping patient-related data secure, it’s a necessity for them to manage compliance along with their high-performance computing and scalability needs. Having created and withstood vigorous auditing of its infrastructures by top-tier providers, Flux7’s solutions are proven to help life sciences and healthcare organization create infrastructures that can successfully run their computing and scalability requirements, while remaining compliant. For more information on Flux7’s healthcare and life sciences solutions, please visit http://flux7.com/healthcare-infrastructure-solutions.

To read how Flux7 helped Personal Peptides architect a framework for analytics at scale, see this link.

About Flux7

Flux7 is an IT services organization helping businesses realize and optimize the benefits of technology by using DevOps processes and full-stack expertise. The company provides cloud architecture planning, design and implementation services to accelerate cloud infrastructure projects and enable IT teams to autonomously manage their own infrastructure on their own. By using automation and templates, Flux7 builds best practices into the infrastructure, enabling organizations to increase the productivity of their IT teams.

Flux7 specializes in the intersection of cloud and containers, and is an AWS Advanced Consulting partner as well as a Docker foundation partner. With particular concentration in healthcare, financial services, energy and digital businesses, Flux7 serves organizations of all sizes who do not want long term managed services. For more information, please visit http://flux7.com.