Following Dallas Tornadoes, Nirvanix Extends Disaster Recovery

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – If you were in Texas or simply had your television turned to the news yesterday, you probably heard about the devastating weather that recently ripped through the Dallas area. Two tornadoes caused immense damage, tearing through structures, causing injuries and resulting in major airline delays at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Dallas represents an integral part of the U.S. data center market, hosting facilities by providers Rackspace, Digital Realty Trust, Equinix, DataBank and more.

Yesterday, Nirvanix, another Dallas-area provider revealed that it had extended disaster recovery services to customers in response to damage caused by the weather. “We are standing by ready to assist our customers as they face a series of damaging tornadoes,” commented Nivanix CEO Scott Genereaux in a press release regarding the matter.

While stressing that its Dallas-area data center remained in stable condition, the company said it had extended its Disaster Avoidance Program. The move allows the company’s clients to transfer their data among the company’s other facilities at a free rate.

In the event of downtime, Nirvanix’s facilities are supported by backups using diesel. Among its services, the company provides a variety of clouds, embedded storage, VMware environments and more. Just last month, Nirvanix announced the availability of direct connections to its cloud services via data centers maintained by Equinix.

Meanwhile, a news report from Data Center Knowledge noted that other companies in the Dallas area all reported stable conditions at their respective facilities. For more information on Nirvanix’s latest news, view a press release here (