For those in the hosting trenches, your day has come…

When I started marketing in the hosting business, I was more interested in translating the techno talk into business benefits.  My goal was to help  business owners and the non-techy people of the world comprehend and understand  the various capabilities technology  and not much else.

But after diving into the details of CloudLinux’s whitepaper over the past few weeks I got a true understanding and appreciation of  the system admins who work behind the scenes at hosting and dedicated server providers.

The survey and log analysis conducted by CloudLinux pointed out one of the fundamental challenges to all sys admins – how to manage the tricky resource drains on a server.  It became clear to me that we need to truly appreciate the effort and hard work of sys admins who are on call all day and are awakened  at all hours of the  night when alarms go off  when a particular server is down.  These tech experts have to quickly identify the problem but what often happens is  it evaporates right before their eyes.

As the whitepaper outlines the CloudLinux team dug deep into the many issues that can arise in server environments. For example, we looked at a typical response to a server performance incident, which could happen any time of the day or night:

  1. Admin is notified via monitoring software that server is down (not responding) or very slow
  2. Admin tries to connect to the server but if the server is overloaded – it takes time and stress to connect or reboot
  3. Sometimes you can detect the issue by running some diagnostic scripts but many times, you can’t find the culprit
  4. Sometimes the issue has no identifiable cause and even if it fixes itself, it is likely to reappear perhaps within hours or after a few days.

    We discovered that this is also a challenge for 2/3 of the hosting companies who responded. It usually takes one to two hours of support time to resolve about 30% of these incidences.  And this is just one example of the many issues these guys will deal with on a daily basis to make sure all networks and systems are operational to keep  your business running.

    I never really thought about what happened when my website or my email was slow – until we actually started looking at the challenges and finding out the great lengths the companies go through to address and resolve the issues.  I can honestly say I have a new found appreciation for my sys admin guys and I really hope that CloudLinux can help improve the workload  you carry in your complex and demanding jobs.