Former Microsoft Exec Sinofsky Explains iPhone Use

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Steven Sinofsky once held one of the highest positions at Microsoft – previously serving as President of the company’s Windows Live division. He also played an instrumental role in Microsoft’s transition to Windows 8 along with the introduction of the Surface tablet.

That’s why it was surprising to see Microsoft cut ties with him late last year.

According to a report Sunday from, Sinofsky had turned to using an iPhone, a surprising turn of events after having been with Microsoft since 1989.

The Apple phone usage was noted through posts Sinofsky had made on Twitter. “via Twitter for iPhone” read two things he sent out on the social network.

So did Sinofsky turn to the iPhone amid a sense of bitterness for his employer?  Should he have instead been using a Windows Phone? That wasn’t the case – the former exec indicated in a later post on Twitter. “Sure I use an iphone at times. I have a Samsung too that i use. I want to be familiar with the work of all companies,” Sinofsky commented.

Sinofsky left Microsoft in November. While reasons for the departure weren’t really made clear, a report from The Verge signaled a “clash of personalities” at the tech provider had resulted in the move.