French Webhost Wevox Chooses SpamExperts Blue-Chip Anti-Spam Solutions

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – French webhost, Wevox, has implemented SpamExperts Incoming and Outgoing filters in the Local Cloud. Once the SpamExperts solution was implemented, the team immediately noticed a significant drop in the number of outbound spam emails. The outbound anti-spam system now fully protects the reputation of the company by stopping spam from leaving their network and preventing their IPs from being blacklisted. Due to the extraordinary results, management decided to experiment with the incoming filter solution as well, initially applied for 250 domains. The inbound anti-spam system offers full Inbox protection and helps increase IT security at network-level.

We chose the Outgoing Filter solution for our shared hosting. As some of our customers sent spamming emails, the others were having trouble sending emails after our machines got blacklisted by other companies. We are really satisfied with SpamExperts, the team and the provided service. The team members have been perfect whenever we needed them,” explained Nathan Herbert, Wevox CEO and co-founder.

 “We are extremely happy to have companies like Wevox join our big Hosting Partner family. Moreover, it is always inspiring for us to discover how our solutions help so many customers get more value directly from their webhosting or cloud services plans,” said Sam Renkema, SpamExperts CEO.

A full list of SpamExperts Hosting Partners in Europe can be found here.

About Wevox

The idea of Wevox began in early 2008 when Matthew and Nathan, two computer engineering students, decided to create their own company to provide quality services to users. Wevox is a web hosting company which provides multiples services. Their main focus is to provide hosting solutions with good customer service.

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About SpamExperts

SpamExperts solutions are tailored to (shared) webhosts, ISPS/Telcos and large organizations, as well as distributors and resellers. They offer inbound & outbound email filtering services, as well as email archiving. The services can run either within the redundant SpamExperts Hosted Cloud or on a Local Cloud directly deployed on the customer’s (virtual) hardware.

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